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Cookbook sneak-peek

Cookbook sneak-peek

You may remember a few months ago, we mentioned a wee project that we’re very excited about. We’ve taken the plunge and decided to write our very own Rafi’s Spicebox Cookbook!

It's going to be stuffed full of tips and advice, a whole load of personal stories (many about Rafi herself) and recommendations based on how we best like to eat the food that we're known for. We really want to inspire you even further to cook the best food you can for your family and your friends, and this book should do just that.

We've spent the past 6 months writing and researching recipes, as well as cooking and taste-testing the various results. How we've managed to stay as slim and attractive as we were before this process began, I just don't know!

Last week was the eagerly anticipated photo shoot. 40 hours, 85 recipes, a whole garage full of ingredients and lots and lots of washing up later, we were very tired and very happy.

Although we have a lot of formatting and proof reading yet to go, we can’t wait to see the finished book! We’re not 100% sure when it will be published yet, but you lovely lot will be the first to know.

Here’s a quick peek behind the scenes, with our wonderful photographer Jim Poyner, and the team: Hana, Ian, Kev, Giacomo, Dan and Conor, all working very hard in Kev’s kitchen!

Kev's lunch

Kev's lunch

Double checking the recipes

Modelling in the garden

Sneaking a quick bite to eat

More garden set ups