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Fancy a Tipple?

Fancy a Tipple?

Now December is here, we are embracing the sofa and a cup (or two!) of warm, spicy mulled wine, made using our new Mulling Masala. In our shops we’ve been giving away mulled apple juice tasters (with fresh sliced apple) to warm up you lot up - this non-alcoholic alternative has been going down well with both adults and children alike.

Another favourite for us is mulling cider; we prefer using a flat, cloudy cider and, as with apple juice, we add slices of fresh apples. You can even use this mix for mulled beer (which is popular in Poland) with the addition of fiery, sliced fresh ginger.

Top Tip

Making it in the slow cooker makes the whole process dead simple. Add your Mulling Masala, beverage of choice, and appropriate fruit, then gently heat. Because of the low temperature you don’t need to worry about burning off any of the alcohol. The only thing you will need to remember is to make sure you top it up once everyone has drunk their fill!

These are just some of the traditional variations, but we encourage you to get creative. Cranberry juice and brandy? White wine and orange? Cider and pomegranate juice? If you come up with any winning combinations, let us know!