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How to Use Our Packs to Entertain this Winter

How to Use Our Packs to Entertain this Winter

It’s often hard to muster the energy to cook from scratch, but our ambient packs make it easier than ever to quickly grab everything you need for a warming curry on a cold night.

Our creamy Moghlai goes beautifully with buttered chicken or butternut squash roasted with coconut oil, if you’d prefer a vegan option. This is delicious with our Pilau Rice, Peshwari Naan and a Broccoli Upkari to complete the meal. The Moghlai’s mild, balanced flavours make it a perfect family dish, but if you feel like turning up the heat a little on your own serving, we recommend adding a spoonful of Geeta’s Lime and Chilli chutney to your plate, which both offsets the almondy richness with a light tang and adds some extra spice!

If you and your friends fancy something a little warmer, try pairing one of our top Autumn recommendations, the rich, tomato based Kashmiri Curry Pack with roast sweet potato and aubergine, a South Indian Sambhar, and a Spicy Naan; a perfect combo to ward off the chill. The lentil-based Sambhar goes well with the tang of Tamarind Chutney, which can be stirred into a yoghurt as a light side to help cool you down if you prefer your plate a little milder. The Kashmiri can also be made gluten free, catering for all dietary needs!

Check out our Autumn menu for more inspiration to get you through until Christmas!