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Lee’s Top 5 Dishes from his Travels (so far)...

Lee’s Top 5 Dishes from his Travels (so far)...

As you all know, Lee is currently happily hotfooting it around India, soaking up the culture, doing cooking classes, yoga and seeking out delicious food to eat. We’ll be sharing some of the recipes Lee’s gathered soon, in the meantime, here is a brief list of some of his favourite dishes so far:

Vada Sambhar - Crispy doughnut made with lentil flour, served with sambhar. Our favourite is from Green Leaf Food Court.

Rava Idli - A large idli (a steamed rice flour pancake) with spices, nuts and coriander in the batter. Again from Green Leaf Food Court

Paper Dosai (of course! We are in south India!) Our favourite is from Dosai Point, a place right on the street cooking in front of you.

Pani Puri from Chaat House, Bangparet Chaat use a water unlike anyone else: crystal clear, very hot, packed with and flavour and sourness. I have literally no idea how they do it!

Fresh jack fruit - it tastes like opal fruits or hubba bubba. Insanely sweet, can't eat too much!