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Mushroom Bhajee for Mind

Mushroom Bhajee for Mind

Mind is a charity that is very dear to our heart and we are delighted to announce that this November we will donating 30p from every single Mushroom Bhajee Curry Pack that you buy to our local Mind charities, based in Yorkshire, Teeside, Lancashire, Cheshire, and Suffolk.

This is the ultimate Autumnal side-dish; earthy, spicy, rich mushrooms in a thick tomato sauce. Why not roast the mushrooms first to remove the liquid and intensify the flavour? Or try it with a lighter, coconut-based curry like the Mulligatanni, whose sweetness will balance the earthiness of the mushrooms. If you are having the Bhajee as a main dish, try adding roasted peppers, and fry your own onions to add texture and extra depths of flavours. Serve with chapatis!

Unfamiliar with Mind and their mission?

Mind do brilliant work in our communities for those suffering from mental illnesses. Every year, one in four people experience a mental health problem. Mind provides the much-needed advice and support to empower and uplift anyone experiencing a mental health problem. By supporting our local Mind charities, the organisations are able to use the funds to offer services such as Mentoring, Counselling, Advocacy, Befriending and Peer Support Groups.