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Product Recall Dec 17


Dear Customer:

This is to inform you of a product recall and is for the attention of anyone with a WHEAT allergy, who has bought our Curry Packs between 28/11/17 and 4/12/17, in our York store or online at spicebox.co.uk.

This error is due to a change of ingredients in a product which usually does not contain wheat. If you wish to return any of these mixes, we are happy to offer a full refund or replacement.

The packs listed below are still perfectly edible, but do carry a WHEAT allergen risk not noted on the label.

We are recalling any of the following fresh main Rafi’s Curry Packs that are listed on the label as having no gluten-containing ingredients:

Balti, Dhansak, Do Piyaza, Jalfrezi, Madras, Ma’s Paretal, Pasanda, Patia, Phaal, Rogan Josh, Sabzi Shakh and Vindaloo.

We are also recalling any of the following Side Dishes that do not list wheat/gluten as an allergen:

Chana Masala, Coconut Vegetable Curry, Bhajia Pack, Bombay Potato, Dum Aloo, Gujarati Dhal, Piyaz Gobhi, Saag Aloo and Tarka Dhal.

If you have any further enquiries about this matter, please email Ian at ilea@spicebox.co.uk.

Many thanks for your cooperation,

Kind Regards,

Kevin Fernandez

Director, Rafi’s Spicebox Ltd.