Rafi's Food & Film Club Screening of Sholay

Rafi's Food & Film Club Screening of Sholay

As part of our Rafi's Food and Film Club we held a special screening of the Bollywood classic, Sholay, for family and friends of the Spicebox. We had a make-shift cinema in our warehouse, put together expertly by our resident DIY guru, Brian. Along with the film, we had a table groaning with spiced snacks, including some experimental spiced popcorn made by the team! This film certainly is an epic, so long in fact, we only got half way through! (Second viewing TBA).

This Bollywood film was chosen by Kevin and here's why:

"Sholay is a Bollywood classic with a star-studded cast that broke every box-office record by some margin. Following its release in 1975, it was continually screened in one cinema for nearly 5 years due to its popularity and it is still regarded today as one of the best examples of multi-genre Indian film-making.

It is the first film Lee and I watched as kids, when we were probably 4 and 9 years old respectively, and still remains an incredible memory of Bollywood films. I can remember watching it at our Grandfather's cinema in Hyderabad, which was by no means state-of-the-art, with no air-conditioning and somewhat open to the elements - it would often result in the odd bird flying through! We missed some of the film and it had no subtitles but even so within 10 minutes we managed to pick up the story.

It's a bit of an epic at over 3 hours long, but I would certainly recommend it if you ever wanted to venture into Bollywood!"

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