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Sabzi Shakh Serving Suggestions

Sabzi Shakh Serving Suggestions

In the summer months, rich, heavy foods are not on the mind; we instead turn to lighter, fresh meals to satisfy our palate. Our Sabzi Shakh is a lightly spiced dish with herby undertones, which makes for a great summer dish. Rafi’s Sabzi Shakh takes some influence from the simple vegetable dishes of Gujarati cuisine. Gujaratis are mostly vegetarian and have developed delicious ways of combining vegetable and spice (the Sabzi Shakh will work just as well with chicken or fish).

When using vegetables, we advise making the sauce the night before you want to eat the curry, then adding the vegetables when re-heating the sauce. This provides time for the curry to develop flavour, whilst not over-cooking the vegetables. Use just a small selection of vegetables so as not to over-crowd the dish with too many different flavours. Try it with cauliflower and green beans, or chickpeas, spinach and aubergine.

As an alternative, try our variation of this curry pack, the Sabzi Shakh with yoghurt. The light flavours of the Sabzi Shakh remain, whilst the addition of yoghurt provides a pleasing, fresh tang and changes the consistency of the curry dramatically. The result is a thinner, silky sauce which is ideal for vegetables like courgette, peas and beans.

However you decide to prepare your Sabzi Shakh, garnish it with lots of fresh herbs like coriander and mint or top with this Fresh Herb Salad to create a lively and vibrant summer curry.As well as fresh garnishes the Sabzi Shakh is great garnished with crispy sev for added texture. For a sweeter flavour try adding a little more sugar or jaggery to your Sabzi Shakh.

We have put together a great menu for a vegetarian feast influenced by the wonderful cuisine of Gujarat.