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Six side salad ideas: Bring your curry night to life!

Six side salad ideas: Bring your curry night to life!

Introduce bold, vibrant textures and colours to add some striking contrast to your meals. A raw or lightly cooked side dish is a brilliant, fresh addition to any dinnertime and will act as a delicious palate cleanser against your curry.

It is very common in India to be served a side salad with your meal, however, it is very different to the bed of lettuce you would see in Britain. Usually, your meal will be accompanied by a plate of raw red onion, cucumber, lime and a fresh green chilli; first, squeeze the lime across your salad, then take small bites throughout your meal.

Think of it in the same way in which you would complement a pasta dish with a handful of rocket and fresh tomatoes; or a plate of nachos with chunky salsa and tangy guacamole. Indian food can be just as light as any other cuisine, with the correct balance on your plate.
We have plenty of salad recipes on our website to complement your Curry Packs, we've made a few suggestions below to get you started!

Are you a fan of our Thai Green, Red and Yellow Curries?

  • Ripe Mango Salad - this simple, fresh mango salad combines sweet, sour hot and salty flavours creating a delicious accompaniment to our Thai dishes.
  • Thai Cucumber Salad - a refreshing salad, contrasting sweet and sour flavours makes the perfect pair to any Thai Curry Pack.

Drawn to richer curries such as Korma, Pasanda or Rogan Josh?

  • Red Cabbage Slaw - add a lovely shade of pink to your meal with Lee’s tangy slaw recipe, the lemon juice really adds some zing and creates a well-balanced flavour profile when paired with a rich sauce.
  • Kachoombar - this slightly fresher salad - and wonderful little palate cleanser - is a more creative take on the traditional salad served in India as mentioned earlier.

Prefer a lighter, savoury curry such as Jalfrezi, Do Piyaza or Sabzi Shakh?

  • Herb Salad - an effortless topping for your meal, just roughly chop your herbs with some spring onions and a green chilli then mix with lemon juice and olive oil.
  • Carrot Salad - a touch of vibrant orange carrots will really bring your curry to life and offers a lovely contrast in temperature.

We'd love to see how you bring your curry night to life with the addition of a salad! Share your pictures with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.