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Spring 2022 Supply Issues

Spring 2022 Supply Issues

Due to some unfortunate supply issues, we are unable to make certain curries at this time, however, our team is looking closely at making improvements to these packs. In the meantime, we have a few alternative suggestions to keep your dinner table well-spiced!

If you are missing…

Korma: A Tikka Masala is a great option for a similarly mild, aromatic curry, albeit with a stronger tangy element than a Korma. The warming Homestyle Curry with creamed coconut is another great option. Try this rich sauce with chicken thighs for a true Rafi’s Classic. Finally, the Moghlai (similar to a Butter Chicken) is a fantastic sweet and decadent curry well worth a try for those customers who prefer a rich milder curry - a great option for the kids too.

Do Piyaza: Try swapping this for a Jalfrezi. Just add a small, sliced onion towards the end of cooking, garnish liberally with mint and/or coriander, and serve with natural yoghurt, to get the distinct zing of a Do Piyaza.

Patia: a classic prawn dish, but if you’re looking for a substitute why not try a Balti with a good whack of lemon juice and maybe some sugar to give some sweet to balance the sour. If you fancy something a little less tangy, try the Jalfrezi with lemon juice and sugar; the sweet and sour will still balance well but won’t be as powerful in the dish. For a distinct, deeper sweetness we recommend using jaggery instead of refined sugar.

Goan Green: This coconutty curry is our go-to suggestion for a lovely light fish curry, but the Mulligatanni makes a great alternative. The pepper, coconut milk and chopped tomatoes make for a similarly light, delicate dish, complementing a white fish beautifully. Another alternative is the ever-versatile Homestyle Curry, with a tin of coconut milk added with the tomatoes for a thinner texture perfect for fish.

Sabzi Shakh: This is such a versatile curry that, whether you prefer a savoury or coconutty dish, you can substitute this classic recipe for plenty of our favourites! Try our Jalfrezi with fresh tomato and peppers chopped in raw for a garnish to get that distinct Sabzi Shakh crunch, or the Ma's Paretal with roast cauliflower for a little extra flavour.