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The Food on the Street

The Food on the Street

Street food is an indelible part of Indian culture, but it is not a homogenous culinary phenomena (“Well”, you ask, “in these days of cultural appropriation what is?”. Touché, reader, now stop interrupting, please); leaving aside the influence of colonisation, India is a country made up of distinct geographic and cultural regions each with their own dishes; simply delicious food, and - lucky us - easy to replicate. So strap in and let me take you on a whirlwind tour of Indian Street food, Rafi’s Style!

North India: The most common street food of North India is Chaat. This is a tasty street snack which has crispy potato patties with some gravy, chutney and lots of spices. For a spicy little take on this, try our New Potato Bhajias with a dash of easy Chilli Sauce.

South India: The Southern part of India consists of many different states but the street food offered in these regions share commonalities. For a typical taste, I would recommend Dosai served alongside Sambhar with Baby Onions and Tamarind Chutney.

Bengal: Famous for its fiery flavours, rich textures and tomatoes, all which are combined in Slow Roast Tomatoes With Chilli Flakes (if you have our Bombay Potato Salad recipe, then you may already have experienced this wondrous dish, it is amazing on toast!).

Bombay: Now, as you saw above, we love our Bombay Potato mix, but what about a twist on this? Be daring with Bombay Popcorn! Not feeling that brave? Spice Prince Bombay Mix is a wonderful version of the classic snack, combining many different flavours and textures together with a smattering of chilli for a mouth-watering, crunchy treat.

Goa: Goa is a spectacular part of India. The street food on offer here is complemented by the spectacular pickles on offer. If you have our cookbook, turn to page 100 and try the Goan Pork Pickle! Vegan? No problem! Have a go at Lee’s Brinjal Pickle, you won’t regret it.

Kashmir: Ever wondered what gives the Rogan Josh Curry Pack its vibrant red colour? It’s the kashmiri chilli! It’s the same ingredient that we use in Rafi's Tandoori Masala, the marinade that makes Rafi's Veg Tandoori Skewers so tasty.

Kerala: There are few things in life more satisfying than real chocolate; when Lee was travelling around India a few years ago, he came back with Earth Loaf 72% Keralan Single Origin and we’ve been addicted ever since.

So there you have it, try some street food and get a taste of India, with just a little help from us!