Wildlife Trusts Update

Wildlife Trusts Update

When the carrier bag charge came into effect towards the end of last year, we decided we wanted to get involved by doing our bit to help reduce landfill, increase awareness and generally promote recycling and responsible environmental practices.

We want to be completely transparent about this charge - 100% of the 5p charge will go directly to either the Yorkshire or Suffolk Wildlife Trusts, depending on which of our shops sells the bag.

We chose the Suffolk and the Yorkshire Wildlife Trusts, as we wanted the money to go to local charities which help the environment.
We have also done a few other fundraising things for them - we have the donation boxes in store, and we also sold our left-over Christmas curry packs at bargain prices last year to raise more money for the trusts.

Here's a breakdown of what we have so far raised and donated to the trusts:

York (to be donated to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust):

Carrier bags:
(Oct-Feb) sold 2138 bags - 106.90

(Feb-May) sold 1434 bags - 71.70

(May-Aug) sold 1156 bags - 57.80

(Aug-Nov) sold 1370 bags - 68.50

Donation box in-store - 114.33

Harrogate (to be donated to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust)

Carrier bags:
(Oct-Feb) sold 643 bags - 32.15

(Feb-May) sold 497 bags - 24.85

(May-Aug) sold 332 bags - 16.60

(Aug-Nov) sold 297 bags - 14.85

Donation box in-store - 29.72

Sudbury (to be donated to the Suffolk Wildlife Trust):

Carrier bags:
(Oct-Feb) sold 887 bags - 44.35

(Feb- May) sold 428 bags - 21.40

(May-August) sold 410 bags - 20.50

(Aug-Nov) sold 365 bags - 18.25

Donation Box in-store - 112.07

Charity Curries: sold 110 packs - 165.00

Mail Order (to be split equally between the Yorkshire and Suffolk Wildlife Trusts):

Mild Charity Curry: sold 188 packs - 282.00
Medium Charity Curry: sold 305 packs - 475.50

Total raised for the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust - 916.15
Total raised for the Suffolk Wildlife Trust - 760.32

Thank you for all your support so far!