Rafi's Chapatti Kit

A chaptti-making set, including a traditional chapatti pan, wooden rolling pin, chapatti flour and a recipe card.


This set includes everything you need to start making your own Indian flatbreads at home. Get cooking!

The chapatti pan: This is a very traditional chapatti pan (or ‘tawa’) with a wooden handle. The thin metal conducts the heat quickly and evenly and does not have edges like a frying pan, which makes it much easier to turn your breads. The pan measures 27cm in diameter and is slightly curved, which means it will need to sit on a ring and is best used on a gas hob.

This authentic product is manufactured in India and due to the casting process and raw materials used, surface imperfections are commonplace, this in no way impairs functionality.

The rolling pin: This traditional rolling pin has a wider middle section and tapers at both ends. It’s smaller and thinner than most baking rolling pins, which makes it much more manageable when rolling out chapattis or other flat breads.

The chapatti flour: Chapatti or atta flour has a high gluten content suited to creating a soft, pliable dough, which is easy to roll out. It also contains some of the wheat bran which helps give the chapatti its unique texture and flavour.

Ingredients: WHEAT Flour.

Allergens: This product contains GLUTEN.

This product is available in the U.K. and Europe zone only. Please check here to see if your country is included.

Approximate weight: 2kg.

Product may vary from image shown.