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Whole Dried Naga Chilli x6

VERY HOT dried Naga chillies, a.k.a Bhut Jolokia or Ghost chillies.


The Naga chilli is know for its extreme heat, and rightly so, as it measures over 1 million units on the Scoville heat scale! It has a unique flavour though, which is definitely worth a try if you can stand its explosive spiciness. Naga chillies can be dropped whole into a dish or, for a more even heat distribution, re-hydrate one by soaking it in water and pureeing it before adding to your meal. They can also be made into a fiery pickle; in fact, they feature in one of our most popular hot condiments: Mr Vikki’s King Naga.

Naga chillies can be ground, but we would recommend avoiding this process, as dust from the chillies can be breathed in/get in the eyes. If you would like the ground chilli, please consider buying Mr Vikki’s Bhut Jolokia Powder instead.

*WARNING: the Naga is VERY HOT! Use caution when handling and wear gloves, a mask and goggles if grinding. And please keep some yoghurt or milk on hand when eating food containing Nagas to sooth your burning mouth! *

Contents: 6 Whole Naga Chillies.

Product may vary from image shown.