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About Rafi’s Spicebox

At Rafi's Spicebox, we believe everyone deserves to experience the joy of creating and sharing delicious food.

Our easy-to-use Rafi’s Curry Packs are hand-mixed to order and tailored to your tastes. Each pack comes complete with instructions for you to take home and cook up an incredible Indian meal for your friends and family.

Rafi’s Curry Packs are based on family recipes, traditional regional dishes and our versions of popular, well-loved curries. Perfect for the everyday cook - these foolproof recipes will spark your passion for good, simple food.

Start your spice adventure today!

Rafi Fernandez

Rafi Fernandez

Rafi Fernandez was born and raised in Hyderabad, India. She moved to England aged 21 in 1965, marrying her Malaysian childhood pen-pal shortly afterwards.

Through their combined heritage and many travels around the world, Rafi became an expert in Indian and Malaysian cooking. She wrote a number of cookbooks and taught many classes to people in her local community.

In 1989, she made the brave decision to open her own Asian delicatessen, perhaps not the kind of shop one would expect to find in a quaint town in rural Suffolk! This was done with the help of Rafi’s second husband, Den. Rafi was a determined and passionate lady, and her shop is still there today; a testament to her hard work and unforgettable personality.

It all started with Rafi writing out tailored recipes and cooking advice for customers and from this personal service, our Curry Packs were born. The tailored recipes and personal service are at the foundation of what we do, making Hand-made Curry Packs that are blended to your tastes.

Rafi’s sons, Kevin and Lee have both been vital ingredients in the development of our beloved Rafi’s Spicebox. Lee started working with his mum in 1998 where his passion and creativity helped our business blossom. Kevin joined in 2004 when the York shop opened, although he remembers the day the family were stacking shelves in the first shop in Sudbury.

With both Kevin and Lee on board, the Spicebox really began to modernise and grow into the wonder it has become today. Visit Our Shops page to see where your closest Rafi’s is.

Kevin now manages the business, nurturing his mother's legacy and sharing his passion for great food.

Rafi sadly passed away in 2013, but her memory lives on as an integral part of our business. Her love of cooking and of sharing her knowledge was obvious to all who met her, as many of our customers and staff still fondly remember.