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Seasoned Pioneers Egyptian Dukkah

Dukkah (doo-kah) is a subtle mix of roasted spices.


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This delicious Egyptian blend contains sesame seeds, roasted hazelnuts, coriander seeds, cumin, sea salt, thyme and black pepper that works well when sprinkled over salads or vegetables.Try mixing itwith a little olive oil and used as a dip with bread ??“ YUM!

Want to make a sweet marinade for chicken? Simply mix with honey, leave to marinate and then grill or roast your chicken and serve with cumin potatoes and gujurati greens!

Weight: 30g

Ingredients: Sesame Seeds, Roasted Hazelnuts, Coriander Seeds, Whole Cumin Seeds White, Sea Salt, Thyme Leaves, Wild-Grown Black Peppercorns