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Breakfast Egg Recipes

Breakfast Egg Recipes

The thought of having Indian food for breakfast seems to send some people into a woozy head-spin. But millions of people do it every day!

Many of the components of a hearty English breakfast - like eggs, tomatoes, beans and fried potatoes - all feature in one form or another in an Indian breakfast. Many of the dishes are simple and lightly spiced, perfect for breakfast or brunch.

From dosa, idli and stuffed parathas to Dhals and Sambhars, there is a whole host of exciting Indian breakfast foods, and a little chilli kick is a great pick-me-up when the coffee just isn't working!

We've got three egg-based recipes for you to try: an Indian Omelette, Spiced Scrambled Egg and a simple Tomato and Egg Curry.

For those wanting a substantial, meaty brunch, how about trying a family favourite, some leftover Keema Madras with a Fried Egg!

Tomato and Egg Curry