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Previn’s - The bread you really knead

Previn’s - The bread you really knead

At Rafi’s Spicebox, we are proud that the products we stock are of the highest quality; from the mustard seeds in your Madras, to the lime in your pickle, we hand select each item with care to ensure that your Indian Food is complemented to perfection.

Some suppliers have been part of the Rafi’s Story from the start. Our spices have been sourced from the same family business in London since 1989. Whilst others, like the Sauce Shop, have come onto our shelves only recently, Pradip’s have been hand-making our Samosas to Rafi’s own recipe with the same love and attention for years.

Previn’s however, came onto our radar about a year ago at a Trade Show. They’re a family business with a story and, like us, they’re a family with an inspirational parent. Niraj Bhatt - the founder of Previn’s - remembers his father, Pravin, a renowned Indian Musician and passionate cook, who loved creating fantastic authentic food with fresh ingredients. Rafi’s heritage is further to the South of India, in Hyderabad, Previn’s is North in Gujarat, bringing together many great traditions.

We began by stocking their chutneys, of which there are an extensive range all made to high quality recipes. The gamechanger came almost a year ago when we thought we’d give their naan bread a taste. Bread is a huge part of Indian cuisine, and it’s been incredibly difficult for us to recreate the amazing quality breads that our customers deserve. The moment the team tasted a Previn’s Naan we knew we’d struck gold! It only takes one glance to see that are restaurant quality and, whilst it’s not the size of a toddler (like some well-known restaurant chains), it’s nearer enough to a newborn (at 30cm) and certainly makes a brilliant accompaniment to a curry.

We’ve been getting adventurous too; a bit of experimentation later and we discovered that they also make a pretty great pizza base and an amazing bacon sandwich!

On the back of the success of the Chilli Naan and the Garlic and Coriander Naan, we asked if they’d look into knocking us up a Peshwari, and guess what? They duly obliged. It’s light, doughy, and packed with raisins and sweet coconut. Even better, it's completely nut free.

Fast-forward to October and we’ve now added Chapatis to the mix, still lovingly hand-made in their Leicester kitchen. Chapatis, which originate in South Asia, are the perfect accompaniment for our South Indian inspired dishes.

It’s fair to say that we’re quite happy with our breads now and we're sure you will be too.

View our Previn’s Range here.