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Rafi's Christmas Hampers Now Available!

Rafi's Christmas Hampers Now Available!

Whether you are looking for a present for your teenage brother (who has just learnt to boil an egg), your mother (who taught you both how to boil eggs), or your best-friend (she's vegan, so the egg question doesn't arise), we have got you covered!

Curry Night Kit - great for the uninitiated, or the aspiring chef! Costing less than £10, this kit still produces enough food to feed a hungry group of 4-6 people.

Rafi's Indian Feast Kit - want to learn how to eat the Rafi's way? Look no further! The dishes in this kit are designed to provide an inspiring spread - a banquet of colour, texture and flavour. A great gift for anyone who likes to entertain, whatever the season!

Family Favourite Selection - This is our most popular hamper, and it is not difficult to see why! Packed with classic, yet unique mixes (such as the Ma's Paratel), this will keep you and yours fed for the whole of the Christmas Season.

Rafi's Spicy Curry Kit - Not for the faint of heart; every pack in this hamper is packed with heat - we even include a packet of chilli flakes, just in case it still isn't hot enough!

Rafi's Spice Blend Collection - With five main dishes and five side dishes, we have set out to make sure that everyone gets a lot of what they fancy this Christmas. This is a bumper hamper for the relative that you like best (or maybe a cheeky little gift for yourself?).

So what are you waiting for? Get shopping!