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Rafi's Food & Film Club

Rafi's Food & Film Club

It's pretty dreary outside in February, sooo a perfect excuse to hibernate indoors and stick a good film on! We're excited to be launching our Food & Film Club this month - we want to encourage you lovely people to cook great food and get settled down for a great film with great company. To help kickstart the Film Club, we're launching a limited-edition special film snack pack (which includes one of our new favourite snacks - a delicious spiced Bombay Potato Popcorn mix!)

The Rafi’s Food & Film Club set includes:

Kashmiri Roasts Pack - A spice blend to make the best potato wedges. Or mix it up, adding your favourite root veg. We like dipping these in sour cream, much better then a bag of tortilla chips.

Bhajia Pack - A classic Indian snack with onion, but you can experiment with other vegetables! We suggest trying parboiled cauliflower florets or potatoes - just dunk them in the batter before frying. Try serving them with some Demels Tomato Chutney, or sweet chilli sauce as a dip.

Bombay Potato Popcorn - You can’t watch a film without popcorn! Use our Bombay Potato Pack to create a savoury spiced popcorn with oodles of flavour. Our set includes the Bombay Potato Pack, Popcorn Kernels, the recipe and, of course, a popcorn box!

Mopleeze Bombay Mix - Fill up a bowl and nibble away on this crunchy, addictive snack.

With all of these goodies, there should be plenty to go round! Snap some pictures of you and your mates cooking, eating, watching, throwing popcorn around or whatever it is you do when watching a film. Tag them with #rafisfoodandfilmclub and, you never know, we might just share your photo on our social media pages :)