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Warm Curries for Autumn Nights

Warm Curries for Autumn Nights

It is time to leave behind sun screen, t-shirts, and summer salads, and invest in face-cream, cardigans, and comforting curries. Here are our suggestions for dishes that will make you look forward to eating in, rather than going out. From a saucy tomato Kashmiris to luxurious rabbit Moghlai, here are seven curries to get you through the next few months in style!

The Kashmiri Curry Pack was developed with Autumn in mind. A time when the days get shorter, the nights colder and all you want to do is wrap yourself round a comforting bowl of warm food, and this curry is as comforting as they come. Try slow cooking this Curry Pack with a shoulder of lamb. This cut of meat adds incredible flavour to the sauce and by slow cooking you will end up with deliciously tender meat (click here for more slow cooker tips).

Want to try the Phaal, but scared of it's fiery reputation? A Rafi's Curry Pack can be made to your preferred heat level, and the base of our Phaal is a rich tomato curry with the addition of creamed coconut, and smoky flavours from spices like black cumin and black cardamom. This makes it a delicious, warming curry, perfect for an autumn evening (no matter how hot you like it). Try the Phaal this season with slow-cooked lamb or game. It will also work well with roasted vegetables like squashes and mushrooms.

The Biryani is a layered rice dish with many different variations. The aromas from this dish fill the house and the heart! Bring it to the centre of the table, lift the lid and let everyone breathe in the subtle, comforting flavours. The Biryani makes a large quantity of food, so it's a great dish to serve for a special occasion. To make it even more special, sprinkle toasted almond flakes, soaked sultanas and crispy fried onions over the top. Top with a few more strands of saffron. If you really want to show off, add some silver leaf too for some Indian bling!

Our Korma is a family recipe that is earthy and delicious, and not nearly as sweet as the version that is served in most British restaurants. With aromatic spices that complement the rich tomato based sauce, and, of course, the citrus notes of black cardamon. Egg curry is not something you will see on menus very often, but we love it! Eggs and spices (especially chilli and cumin) work incredibly well together. The white of the egg forms a lovely, subtle base which absorbs flavour and provides a perfect contrast to the rich yolk and earthy, smoky spices. To eat this 'Rafi's style', scoop out the egg yolk (eat this with the sauce and rice), fill the hollowed egg white with yoghurt and pop into your mouth all in one go!

Rafi’s Tikka is a reinvention of the British classic which has become a staple of curry houses across the UK. A more savoury, tomato-based version of the intensely coconut dish, we guarantee this fragrant blend of cardamom, star anise, cinnamon and cloves will let you see the Tikka in a new light. If you want a creamy, but not sweet, version of this meal then ditch the creamed coconut and add yoghurt or creme fraiche instead.

The Pasanda began life as a kebab in the Moghul Empire, but has become famous as a luxurious almond-based curry that favours dark meats and starchy veg. The perfect dish for Autumn as you can tweak it to be creamy and filling for those chillier days or tangy and savoury for the warmer weather. A hit with children and adults alike, it’s definitely a crowd-pleaser. Although this dish is great with roast squash, it is better known as a lamb dish. Rafi's Moghul Style Roast Lamb (see our cookbook for the full recipe!) and new potatoes using the curry as a gravy for a twist on the classic lamb roast. Try with a side of minted peas - simply boil 5 handfuls of peas with a small bunch of fresh mint, drain, and then mix with salt, pepper, lemon juice, 200ml oil, and a splash of red or white wine. Yum!

This hasn't been a year for diets, and Autumn is definitely not the season to start! Our Moghlai takes inspiration from the distinctive elements of Moghul cuisine to create our version of the popular ‘butter chicken’ dish. This is the only pack which we ask you to seal the meat (in butter!) before adding it to the sauce. This rich sauce is enhanced by an array of fragrant spice and a sweet nuttiness from the ground almonds. Finish it with cream, flaked almonds and sultanas. For an autumnal alternative, try a Rabbit Moghlai instead of using chicken. Rabbit has a delicate game flavour which works well with the aromatic spice. To cut through the richness and provide balance to the meal, serve with a fresh salad (like this Cabbage and Red Onion Salad) and tangy, crunchy, pickled vegetables.