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Rafi's Karai

A traditional cooking dish.


An iron balti-style cooking dish which, because it is a porous metal, will retain the flavour of food cooked in it and contribute to future dishes, making it a popular choice for cooking curries. The pan gets very hot and distributes the heat evenly, which makes it perfect for tempering spices at the beginning of making Indian food and for quick stir-fry style dishes like our Broccoli Upkari. It is best used on a gas hob due to its rounded base. The pan comes with instructions on how to ‘season’ the pan before using it and how to care for it, so that it will last a lifetime. For more information on this, check out our blog post.

This authentic product is manufactured in India and, due to the casting process and raw materials used, surface imperfections are commonplace. This in no way impairs the functionality of the product and we feel it gives our Karai a certain rugged charm!

This product is available in the mainland U.K. and Europe zone only due to weight restrictions. Please check here to see if your country is included.

Approximate weight: 2kg.

Product may vary from image shown.