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This recipe for famous South Indian pancakes was one of Rafi’s personal favourites, and we hope you will like it too!

Made from fermented batter, they are the perfect accompaniment to Saag Aloo, Sambhar, or even on their own with a little dab of ghee and a sprinkling of sugar.

Serves: 8 - 10 | Ready in: 1 day | Suitable for vegetarians



  1. Soak the dhal and the rice separately in water for 8 hours.
  2. Drain the dhal and keep the water.
  3. Blend them separately until you have two smooth pastes.
  4. Mix the pastes together, adding some of the dhal water until the batter is of pouring consistency.
  5. Pour into a large bowl, about double the size of your mixture. Your mixture will increase in size so you must allow for this!
  6. Cover the bowl with a kitchen towel and leave in a warm place to ferment.
  7. If the batter becomes too thick, add more dhal water.
  8. Heat a heavy griddle and brush with ghee or coconut oil. Make sure that the griddle is very hot, as you want these to cook quickly!
  9. Pour out a ladleful of the batter, spreading thinly.
  10. Cover with a lid.
  11. Once the Dosa has begun to cook at the edges, add more oil or ghee and ease off the griddle with a spatula.
  12. Turn the Dosa and cook the other side.