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What is an Ambient Curry Pack?

What is an Ambient Curry Pack?

At Rafi's, we believe in making your lives - and your cooking - as easy as possible; this is why we make two different types of Curry Pack: ambient and fresh.

An ambient Curry Pack is made in the exact same way as our fresh packs are; hand-made and to the customer's specifications. The one key difference is that in an ambient pack, we don't use fresh ingredients such as green chillies or curry leaves, instead we use high quality chilli powder and dried curry leaves. This means that you don't need to keep these packs refrigerated or frozen; you can store an ambient curry pack in a cool, dark place - such as a cupboard - for up to six months. This makes them perfect for gifts (which is why we use them in our Christmas Hamper Range) and recommend them for those who are travelling abroad to catch some of that winter sun.

Fresh packs are made with fresh ingredients such as fresh chillies and curry leaves, and can be out of the fridge for up to a week without suffering any loss of flavour. For longer storage, however, we do recommend storing them in a refrigerator for up to four weeks and the freezer for up to six months.

Our Green Thai, Red Thai, Yellow Thai, and Malay Rendang Curry Packs can only be made fresh due to the lemongrass and lime leaves that help to form the fresh, citrus infused coconut sauce.

Whether you buy an ambient pack or a fresh, we are sure you will agree that our packs are always delicious!